Conference on Social Responsibility in the Twenty-First Century

PsySR Twentieth Anniversary

March 28-30, 2003 (Friday noon to Sunday noon). University of the District of Columbia Washington, DC

Join with fellow psychologists, social scientists, mental health professionals, educators, and activists to help build peace and social justice. Theme questions for the PsySR conference are:

What can we do to contribute to social movements for peace and social justice?

How have the parameters of our sociohistorical situation changed? What new social change strategies
are necessary? How should education and graduate training be transformed?

How can the political and cultural effects of psychological practices themselves be understood?

How can the promise of emerging critical psychology perspectives be fulfilled?

What new linkages can be forged between various types of professionals acting for social responsibility
(educators, physicians, social workers, scientists)?

Participation is the key word! Possible activities include: Facilitated discussions and roundtables on hot topics and issues; workshops on activism and advocacy; training for a lobby day at Congress (plan to stay an extra day); seminars on peace psychology, critical psychology, feminist psychology, anti-racism work, ecopsychology; the politics of psychotherapy; issue updates by DC-based specialists; intergenerational dialogues (e.g., 60s anti-war and 90s anti-globalization activists); networking opportunities; story-telling, poetry slams; social hours, music, and dinners on the town!

PsySR's Action Committees will be organizing programs around their specific themes, but we also hope to address the whole range of contemporary issues being addressed by psychologist/activists. Please step up and submit a proposal related to your area of work, for example: state-sponsored violence; anti-war organizing; sustainable development; reform of the correctional system; civil liberties; managed care and
mental health; hate crimes; disarmament; psychosocial humanitarian assistance; living wage campaigns; globalization; psychiatric abuses; simple living; human rights; gender, war and peace; universal health care; drug trafficking; HIV/AIDS; conflict resolution; spirituality and interfaith work; community development; domestic violence; international psychology; accuracy in the news media; television and advertising. Did we leave something out? Let us know.

For further information on how to submit proposals for the program and to register, visit and click on the link for the PsySR Twentieth Anniversary Conference.

For further information, write Tod Sloan, Co-Coordinator, Psychologists for Social Responsibility,

Founded in 1982, Psychologists for Social Responsibility is an international organization dedicated to applying psychological principles, methods, and practices to build cultures of peace with social justice. Its work is supported primarily by dues and donations received from its members.

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