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August 2000

Post-convention Coordinator's Update
RadPsyNet's APA Schedule
Convention Presentations

Reports of past meetings

Coordinator's Update

Perhaps the most important piece of information to convey is that Colleen Loomis is our new membership coordinator. Colleen really came to the rescue and deserves a great deal of thanks for taking on this responsibility. We also discussed the possibility of seeking institutional status, perhaps connecting ourselves to one of the divisions; SPSSI and division 26 were mentioned. But there was no agreement upon which of the two would be better. We decided to continue the discussion in Monterey. We also agreed that if RadPsyNet did, eventually, gain an institutional status within the APA we would periodically stop and ask ourselves what effect the institutional status was having upon us as an organization, weigh the beneficial effects against the deleterious ones and consider disaffiliating if institutional status seemed to do more bad than good.

Neil Wollman came up with an interesting suggestion: He recommended that at Monterey, we look over the APA schedule and form groups that would attend and critique various presentations

RadPsyNet Schedule Year 2000

RadPsyNet Business Meeting

Sunday (August 6) 4:00 to 4:50 pm
Meeting Room 15
Renaissance Washington DC Hotel

RadPsyNet Social Hour

Sunday (August 6) 5:00 to 5:50 pm
Meeting Room 16
Renaissance Washington DC Hotel

Convention Presentations

Day-long Miniconvention

August 6, from 9 am.to 6 pm

"how an interdisciplinary approach can integrate our activities in the application of our knowledge to save the planet with its diverse species and save the human species as well"

Speakers from the fields of biology, anthropology, history, public policy, biological conservation, biodiversity, and psychologists from the APA Divisions for Comparative Psychology, Psychological Study of Social Issues, Study of Ethnic and Minority issues, Study of Peace, Violence and Conflict Resolution, Environment and Population Issues, Military Psychology, and International Psychology coming from Asia, Latin America, the Navajo Nation and the USA.

More information http://www.biodiv-psy.org

Presidential Miniconvention on Psychology and Law:
Law, Psychology and Disability in the Workplace

August 5, Saturday, 11:00 - 12:50, Washington Convention Center, meeting room 29

Dan Aalbers: "What really happens when people with psychiatric disabilities use the ADA in the workplace"

Susan Stefan: Threats to the ADA

August 6, Sunday, 2:00 - 2:50, Capital Hilton hotel, Pan American Room

Pat Deegan (a psychologist & psychiatric survivor ): "Recovery"

August 7, Monday, 10:00 - 11:50, Washington Convention Center, Meeting room 6

What psychologists need to know: A psychiatric survivor's perspective." (Part of symposium "Psychologists and the seriously mentally ill: A new niche"

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